Bar Propaganda
Bar Propaganda

The Propabillies

The Propabillies is a band born conceptually and physically in Propaganda. Still it gives at least one concert in our pub each year - celebrating Propaganda's birthday

Instead of History


The idea of starting a band to play covers of rocabilly music turned up from time to time among Propaganda's clients. Usually such ideas tend to evaporate together with the alcohol which helped to conceive them. Only this time something really came to life. First rehearsals took place in Propaganda's cellar (Piotrek- vocal, Leszek - guitar, Tekila - banjobass and harmonica). Then there were drums (Sędek). The beginning, as usual, was rather hard. But soon The Propabillies found their own style - even playing covers they do it their way. 


The first concert was of course played in Propaganda (for Propaganda's birthday)

The next was in Kot Karola (at this time probably the best and most popular music club in Kraków) for Beata Oika's birthday. It all happened in 2013.

Until now, despite various shifts withing the crew, the Propabillies played over a dozen concerts including playing support for such psychobilly aces as The Quakes and The Koffin Kats

They still play covers (processed and seasoned) but mainly focus on their own music. Now The Propabillies are: Piotrek - vocal, Leszek - guitar, Prezes - bass, Gutek - drums. Other people playing in the band since the beginning were: Sędek (drums), Tekila (banjobass and harmonica), Pilar and Konrad (bass).


Contact with The Propabillies 


The easiest way to contact The Propabillies is through Facebook (The Propabillies) or through the pub Propaganda because the band is still connected to the pub.

Gdzie nas znaleźć

Pub Propaganda
Miodowa 20
31-055 Kraków
Telefon: +48 600 331922 (od 11.00 do 22.00 - najlepiej sms)


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16.00 - do ostatniego klienta

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UWAGA. 20-te urodziny Propagandy!

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