Bar Propaganda
Bar Propaganda

Welcome to Propaganda

Propaganda is one of the oldest pubs in Kazimierz (the former Jewish district in Krakow). It may even be one of the last – if not the last – typical Krakow pubs. Here you can find a place to sit not only at a table but also at the bar. And you are surrounded by hundreds of mementos and tokens from the times when Poland was part of the socialist block – times of PRL – which creates a really special atmosphere. Music is also very important for us, of course good music, mainly rock (like ska, reggae, punk, rockabilly, blues but sometimes also jazz or some other strange kinds of music). We have a separate room for smokers. And for those who don't like heat – a naturally air conditioned cellar. You can play dart or chess in Propaganda. There is also wi-fi in the whole pub (password at the bar).


Alcoholic specialty

Kraft beer PROPAGANDA! You can get it only in our pub!

med dog

Mad Dog – wsciekly pies!!! But made on spirit (95 percent alcohol). Delicious. If you don't try... well...

Polish specialty in general is flavoured vodkas (both in production and consumption). There are tones of various kinds of those. The most popular are vodkas with cherry, hazelnut, honey, raspberry and quince flavour. Frankly, being in Poland and not trying those vodkas may mean only one thing: you haven't really been here! By the way – they are not only tasty, they are also cheap :)

We are serving (among others)

  •  draft beer - Żywiec and Leżajsk (Polish beer), Holba and dark Zubr (Czech beer) - 8 zl for half a litre, 5,5 zl for 0,3 litre;

  • a dozen types of beer bottled  from 7 zl to 10 zł

  • wine: bottled dry white (chardonnay) and red (cabernet sauvignon) – 100 ml for 7 zl, a bottle 45 zl;

  • brandy and liquors

  • vodkas: wyborowa, hazelnut, cherry, quince, raspberry, gorzka zoladkowa, krupnik and others – 40 ml for 6 zl

  • non-alcoholic beverages: coca cola, pepsi, tonic, sprite, fanta, various juices – 5 zl

  • coffee: espresso, black – 5 zl, cappucino, latte – 6 zl

  • hot chocolatte, tea (various kinds) – 5 zl

  • whisky (Johnny Walker, Jameson, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's, Ballantine's) from 10 to 14 zl for 40 ml 


If you are planning on visiting us as a bigger group or you wish to sit in your favourite place you can book a chosen table. The best solution is to send SMS (+48 600 331 - 922) or e-mail:


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Pub Propaganda
Miodowa 20
31-055 Kraków
Telefon: +48 600 331922 (od 11.00 do 22.00 - najlepiej sms)


Godziny otwarcia

16.00 - do ostatniego klienta

Aktualności i wydarzenia

UWAGA. 20-te urodziny Propagandy!

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